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by Floating Goat

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Originally recorded between 2008 and 2010, "The Spawn of Poseidon" was not officially released untill it's digital release January of 2016. It was recorded as a part of a Floating Goat double album featuring one record called "The Spawn of Poseidon" and the second record called "Suburban Anxiety"(which will be released as a digital album separate from this album) . Plans for the double vinyl are still in the works as of this release date.


released January 28, 2016

recorded and mixed by greg wilkinson at earhammer studio in oakland, ca
mastered by justin weiss at trakworx in south san francisco, ca
all tracks arranged and preformed by floating goat
published by goathellmusic (ascap)
all music and lyrics by chris corona
photography by alex wein
cover art by lucas krieg
ian petitpren-bass
aaron barett-drums
chris corona-guitar/vocals



all rights reserved


Floating Goat San Francisco, California

With an arsenal of heavy riffage screaming guitar leads and whiskey drenched vocals, Floating Goat released their first full length HEAVEN'S BURNING in 2002, followed up in 2006 by their second album THE VULTURES ARRIVE, and more recently with the completion of their third in 2010, SPAWN OF POSEIDON/SUBURBAN ANXIETY they've kept the goat afloat for a decade of earth scorching, full-on heaviness. ... more

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Track Name: Get Out Of The Way
find no peace
no release
thoughts and visions
i don’t want to see
times no friend
there’s no end
the future has become
the past again
miles and miles ahead to go
each time passing
faster than before
hesitate and fall behind
earth is turning
wheels are spinning
get out of the way
i turn to face my infinity
the pace of life is insanity
i’m on my way
to find the world i’ve buried
deep in the earth
a place like a grave
is there for me
frozen in time
relics of what remains
pulled from the earth
life without flesh
hurry up don't waste my time
life is passing fast before my eyes
time like money is made to burn
burn it fast
and fill the urn
Track Name: Spawn Of Poseidon
the sight of land is breaking
on this long journey home
leaving the trojans slain
returning from war
the winds and oceans carry
to this island of
the spawn of poseidon
sons of the ocean god
reaching the shore with hunger
a skin of wine for the king
searching they find no one
and entered the cave ahead
sons of the ocean god rule this land
run, hide
the brave escape with their lives
feasting in the cave of abundance
the smell of goat flesh burns
heavy footsteps of thunder
as the master returns
eye of the cylops tyrant
spies those within
they know to be discovered
would certainly be the end
trapped inside they witness
the brutal death of many
into the mouth of the tyrant
let the blood bath begin
drink master
your slaves offer you wine
drink till you’ve reached your fill
and achieve the divine
servant you are tell me thine name
speak now and answer me fast
and so “no man” you’re generouse
so i shall devour you last
sharpen the stake to gouge the eye
of this drunken tyrant
smoldering flames sharpen the blade
deliver blinding pain
rise to blind the eye
thrashing and tossed, blinded and lost
his brothers ask at what hands
they sneer at odds, must be the gods
for claims he it was “no man”
Track Name: Smoke Rising
rising flames that burn your back
cursed are the liars
words betrayed beneath their breath
wrought of ill desire
temples built to be defaced
the sacred transpires
demons wrestled to the death
burn in funeral pyre
smoke rising
enter the realm of the sky
smoke rising
a funeral pyre purified
souls usurped in serpent’s breath
venoms torpid numb
in desperation gasp for life
a chance to overcome
harbor hatred harbor fear
born of mortal coil
a tormenters time to suffer
blood begins to boil
spirits free of mortal pain
in unity with everything
the sacrifice of rebirth
child of the universe
set free
flames of fire that separate
from this cold dry earth
bridges crossed begin to burn
the path you must desert
rising through celestial spheres
of the universe
manifest in purified
flesh of your rebirth
Track Name: This Great Wasteland
resources deplete
fight to eat your meat
wars break all around
societies breakdown
so fight
corrupt nations rise
and fall to their demise
regimes overblown
emperors dethroned
a great empire is lost
crumbled into dust
with the bitter taste of the end
turn to face this great wasteland
empire turned to dust
all knowledge is lost
from the modern throne
to a world of stone
the race is on
to reach the end
dare to cross
this great wasteland
politicians lie
the indigent die
the brainwashed loosing sight
form the will to fight
empire turned to dust
all knowledge is lost
from the modern thrown
to a world of stone
Track Name: Entropy Must Be Stopped
to the age of reason
from the dawn of light
the frozen wisdom
of the ancient
light awakens
those who lie in wait
of the living
to reveal their fate
the heavens roared
explode with light
paleolithic dream
dawning of human kind
iron age industry
the cenozoic rise
rise from the darkness
of a billion years
a sign of life
they were once here
the pinnacle achieved
cycle of destiny
sewing the seeds
the road to entropy
the information age
the cenozoic decline
fall to the darkness
of a billion years
no sign of life
they were once here
screams echo from the void
trapped in dimensions of time
existing all at once
scattered the seeds of life
relics remain
reclaimed by sands of time
Track Name: Caught In The Headlights
caught in the headlights
something don't feel right
no time to avoid this fate
there’s something in the way
the roar of a steel ride
echo through the hillside
low in the distance
the firing of pistons
pulled to the roadside
near a grove of dead trees
standing tall in the cool breeze
antlers with two eyes
leapt from the roadside
caught in the headlights
from the dream
you’re alive
in the throes
in life
your death
the spell
the spell
curse of invention
paved with intention
see the fate of your life
mirrored in the deer’s eyes
caught in the headlights